Athletic Dept Info

615 E. Kessler-Cowlesville Road
Tipp City, Ohio 45371
(937) 667-8448

Athletic Mission Statement

The Tippecanoe City Schools, within a safe, healthful environment, shall meet the educational potential of all students in order that students are academically prepared to successfully:

  • Attain competency in the basic academic areas;
  • Utilize critical thinking, problem solving skills which allow adjustment to a changing world;
  • Enter a post high school educational program and/or begin a career and
  • Develop a positive work ethic and an appreciation of a diverse society.


Interscholastic athletics is an extension of the classroom promoting character, hard work, and discipline while helping to develop a person both body and mind. Athletics will provide a foundation for growth, goal setting, competitiveness, cooperation, teamwork, sportsmanship, and adjustment to adversity and respect.

The following sports are offered within the Tipp Schools and are members of the Miami Valley Conference:


High School                                                                                                           Middle School

Varsity Academic Team                                                                                         7th Grade Basketball (B+G)

Varsity Baseball                                                                                                       8th Grade Basketball (B+G)

JV Baseball                                                                                                               MS Wrestling

Freshman Baseball                                                                                                 7th Grade Volleyball (G)

Varsity Basketball (B+G)                                                                                      8th Grade Volleyball (G)

JV Basketball (B+G)                                                                                              7th Grade Football

Freshman Basketball (B+G)                                                                                8th Grade Football

Varsity Cheerleading                                                                                             7th Grade Track (B+G)

JV Cheerleading                                                                                                      8th Grade Track (B+G)

Freshman Cheerleading                                                                                        7th Grade Cheerleading

Varsity Cross Country (B+G)                                                                               8th Grade Cheerleading

Varsity Football                                                                                                      MS Cross Country (B+G)

JV Football                                                                                                              MS Softball

Freshman Football                                                                                                 MS Baseball

Varsity Golf (B+G)

JV Golf (B+G)

Varsity Soccer (B+G)

JV Soccer (B+G)

Varsity Softball

JV Softball

Varsity Swimming (B+G)

Varsity Track (B+G)

Varsity Tennis (B+G)

JV Tennis (B+G)

Varsity Volleyball (G)

JV Volleyball (G)

Freshman Volleyball (G)

Varsity Bowling (B+G)

JV Bowling (B +G)

Varsity Wrestling


Athletic Director: Kregg Creamer
O-(937) 669-6364 C-(937) 681-4856

Administrative Assistant: Lisa Copley
(937) 669-6363

Middle School Athletic Director: Janice Harrison
(937) 667-8454

Athletic Trainer: Aaron Schlotterbeck 
(937) 669-6378

Strength & Conditioning Coach: Greg Schultz
(937) 667-8448